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Symantec Report on the Underground Economy

The Symantec Report on the Underground Economy examines activity on underground economy servers observed by Symantec

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OnLine Back up

OnLine Back up

There is a core mantra at Keepit in Denmark , "Backup via the Internet is for everybody", the company claims to deliver a user friendly online backup solution that sweeps away all competing solutions. Web site Backupreview which provides news and reviews about online backup predicts a bright future for Keepit due to outstanding simplicity and top-notch security.

The company offers  both a free version and Keepit UNLIMITED paid versions to consumers to store important or personal data such as documents or digital photos.

Backupreview commented, "Keepit excels in simplicity without compromises on security and safety. It shows the way to provide simple and secure backup for the non-technical user. Keepit has just launched its North American operations, and it is ready to play a challenging competitor role against the major players in the online backup industry. Keepit's future looks very promising.

With a carefully planned expansive partner strategy Keepit is extending the reach into new markets at rapid speeds. Although there are several providers of online backup, only Keepit has accomplished to deliver a solution that hits the sweet spot between pricing, usability and security - and customers and partners alike want it for these qualities.

Keepit might be a new service in online backup, but it is far from a start-up. Keepit is backed by successful hosting company Cohaesio providing more than 10 years of experience in hosting, storage and infrastructure.

Extensive research shows the market for online backup services is relatively un-tapped and there is a real need for secure, simple and automatic online backups. Keepit has developed the entire solution in close relationship with IBM based on their market leading enterprise backup technology Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM).

"We are proud to win in a very strong international market due to simplicity and security.


Kaspersky Anti Virus

Kaspersky Lab, has released its latest report on the evolution of spam for the second quarter

In the second quarter of the year, the percentage of spam in mail traffic averaged 82.5%. By comparison, in the first quarter, spam accounted for 88% of all emails. A high of 93.9% was recorded on April 9, with a low of 64.2% on May 3.

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The forecast of Kaspersky Lab’s analysts proved to be accurate: in May, for the first time in several years, there was a seasonal fall in the percentage of spam (79.1% of all email traffic compared to an average of 86% before May). In mid-June, that figure grew somewhat but did not reach the level of early April .

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15 ways to lose your database

15 ways to lose your database

Arguably an organisations most vital asset is its databases, often containing financial information, customer and employee data and intellectual property. There have been many articles written that examine the risks posed of data being exposed and the potential damage caused. In addition, external threats have long been recognised with billions of pounds spent strengthening defences to mitigate against them yet there is little acknowledgment of the very real threat from within. The statement ‘don’t leave your valuables on show’ is a simple principle so why is it often ignored by Europe’s Corporations?

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