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Is Rackspace Latest Datacentre, the most Sustainable, in UK,

Rackspace, a multinational cloud computing company, has opened its latest UK Datacentre in Crawley, West Sussex, South East England in the shadow of Gatwick airport.

The data centre, designed with Digital Realty, has been designed to meet compatibility and compliance standards in line with the Open Compute Project. The site spans 15 acres, with 130,000 sq.ft of data centre space, enough for 50,000 servers.

It seems that Crawley was chosen as the home for the new facility as it is an easy location with excellent access to power, Fibre and available space, which is essential when designing a new datacentre.


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French Fibre in the DRC

French telecommunications giant Orange and the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)  have signed a ‘strategic’ deal, which will see the France-based company take control of the country’s optic fibre platform and manage it through a long term lease, and therefore serve Orange DRC subscribers with a high speed internet connection.

Orange, who launched its mobile operations in DRC in December 2012, is said to boast some three million subscribers in this mineral-rich Central African nation of 75 million people.

The signing ceremony took place in Kinshasa and was overseen by the country’s minister of Posts, Telecommunications and ICT, Kin-Kiey Mulumba.

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Prefabricated Data Centres by Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric Announces Availability of Prefabricated Data Centres up to 2MW

This new innovation enables rapid deployment and provides enhanced flexibility for data centre growth, enabling all site base work to be conducted prior to installation, with containers(sic) factory assembled IT, power and cooling, modules in a dry and secure environment.


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benefits and Advantages of a Data Centre in a Box

The top benefits and advantages of a modular data centres

Flexible and scalable design: The modular data centre incorporates a snap-together design with a removable wall design. With the economies of scale and the benefits of repeatable, standardised modules, it is easy to match demand and scale infrastructure quickly.  Modules can be added when extra capacity is required or scaled down when infrastructure becomes obsolete.

 Flexibilility         Speed        Efficient         CapEx            OpEX           PUE

Speed of Deployment – Prefabricated modules are delivered on-site preconfigured and pretested for an easy installation within 12-16 weeks, depending on the level of project complexity. Site preparation and module production can be completed concurrently, resulting in minimized on-site construction and deployment time.  As a standardized solution, modules can be ordered, manufactured, customized and delivered to the data centre site in a matter of months. The modular approach also means that the site construction can progress in parallel, instead of a linear task dependant, track toward completion.


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Cannon Technologies Data Centre in a box wins the Green IT Awards 2013


The T4 Modular Data Centre was transported in 56 crates from Cannon Technologies’ head office in New Milton, Hampshire, United kingdom

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