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    The European Institute of Logistics & Transport's RFID Partner Programme is fast approaching it's fourth year in researching and promoting the applications of RFID in the supply chain. In recognition of this the supplier programme is being opened up again to organisations who wish to put forward their solutions for consideration and be put in contact with our members.

Any party with an interest in the programme be they a supplier or end user please visit to access all details.
Over the past three years we have assisted numerous members in sourcing the correct suppliers for their RFID trials and implementation projects. If you wish your solutions to be aligned with the leading industry suppliers and end users please make contact as soon as possible.

Supplier Benefits

Join in the largest network of organisations providing solutions and implementing RFID projects in Europe.
Be profiled to the membership of the Institute and it's partners as a supplier of choice.
Provide specific vertical information beside the major end users.
Access to hands on RFID training both for your staff and clients through our partner OTA Training.
Place any RFID employment positions on our website
Benefit from the links we maintain with the other professional bodies.
Be recommended for contracts from our membership.
Opportunity to be represented in the six monthly euroRFID report.
Place all press releases within our monthly RFID e-newsletter.
Generate qualified sales enquiries.

Application Specific Solutions

In 2007 we will be working with our partners developing specific vertical industry application information covering Aviation, Pharmaceutical, RTLS, Asset Tracking, Retail/CPG, Maritime/Containers, Manufacturing, Chemicals, and Automotive. In addition we will continue to address Middleware, GDS and the importance of developing a Corporate RFID Architecture.

Having worked in the programme I am very impressed with the content and the coverage.  I like the inclusion of the practical and the information on lessons and applications is excellent.  I can only say keep up the great work! 
Dr. J. Rod Franklin
Vice President, Product Development
Kuehne + Nagel Management AG

I'd like to take this time to thank you for showcasing the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center's project, ChemSecure, in the euroRFID European RFID programme. It was a pleasure working with you. As RFID and Sensor Technologies develope into a quickly growing industry, having insight into what industry and government are researching, testing and developing is extremely valuable, as it is very easy to become tunnel visioned in what the technology offers. Your programme provides a vision into alternative solutions, and this strengthens the return on investment. NASA's mission is to improve life on earth, and through our partnerships with industry we can build the future together. Thank you again for allowing NASA to be part of the euroRFID programme.