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Toshiba new range for professionals with thin, light, highly durable laptops

Toshiba has announced a new range of thin and light laptops targeted at professionals.

The R800 series offer an unparalleled blend of mobility, power, durability and price performance for business users

The new R800 series includes three different form factors. The R830 comes with a display size of 33.8cm (13.3”), the R840 with a diagonal of 35.6cm (14.0’’) and the R850 with 39.6cm (15.6’’). All are powered by the latest Intel full-performance CPUs. The new business laptops in the Portégé, Tecra and Satellite Pro ranges are estimated to be available during the second quarter 2011 throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Fully-featured, thin and lightweight at a very affordable price

“Thanks to their thin, light and highly durable design, the well-specified R800 series is ideal for IT managers who want to anticipate the ongoing trend towards staff mobilisation and are now looking for a consistent mobile computing platform that is able to cover a broad range of usage scenarios,” said Marco Perino, General Manager Digital Products Division, Toshiba Europe. “Our engineers succeeded in including a wide range of applications and features that are in demand from professional heavy users into a small, slim and lightweight form factor without compromising quality and price.”

Technology made to differentiate

In order to pack such a powerful punch into such slim and light devices, Toshiba made use of various innovative technologies focussing on two areas: smart and efficient cooling solutions and chassis construction. An ‘Airflow Cooling’ system, co-developed by Intel® and Toshiba, in the R830 allows Toshiba to integrate the latest Intel® Core™ family processors even in the device’s slim casing while keeping the fan noise to a minimum. An ingeniously designed ventilation duct in combination with a cleverly arranged circuit board layout optimises heat removal. The thin and lightweight design doesn’t compromise on durability. The casing’s honeycomb structure in some of the casings areas  together with chassis pillars on the 35.6cm (14.0’’) and 39.6cm (15.6’’) devices embedded into the laptop’s interior makes the R800 series devices highly robust against flexing, thereby considerably prolonging the products’ lifetimes. Protection of the electronic and mechanical components is supported by either a highly resistant magnesium alloy casing (R830) or a new High Stiffness Resin casing (R840 and R850).

Endurance tests have proven R800’s durability

During extensive HALT  testings conducted by the independent German test institute TÜV Rheinland, the R800 series devices could prove their high durability: They were able to withstand drops from a 76cm height, sustained a load of 100kg on the LCD lid, and were resistant against spills up to a volume of 30ml without impact on the data stored on the device.

Traveling light without having to compromise:

With the slim and easily portable 33.8cm (13.3”) model R830 optimised for frequent travelers, the 35.6cm (14.0’’) device R840 ideal for casual travelers or the 39.6cm (15.6’’) R850 for those who prefer a larger display, Toshiba’s new business range meets all needs of both large corporates and small to medium-sized businesses as well as small offices with highly mobilized workforces. Though thin and light, the R800 series doesn’t trade-off with performance while out and about.

R800 gives professional users what they need

The R800 series devices easily connect to the world. They come with a USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports, WLAN interface, Bluetooth, HDMI and are ready for Mobile Broadband . Connectivity can even be expanded through the optional docking station with additional ports and interfaces such as USB (two USB 3.0, four USB 2.0), DisplayPort or HDMI, serial port and LAN. Despite their slim design R800 models offer an optical disc drive as standard.

Expanding the Portégé, Tecra and Satellite Pro range

The R800 series spans various Toshiba laptop ranges depending on their specific configuration. The 13’’ version will be available as Portégé R830. The 14’’ and 15’’ models will be added to the Tecra and Satellite Pro range as Tecra R840/R850 and Satellite Pro R850. Toshiba offers the new R800 laptops in various colour variations.